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Jane Katt


My Story

Jane, who grew up in a small town in northern Germany between Hamburg and Bremen, is a professional singer with a beautifully expressive, soulful voice. She participated in the renowned EVENTIM – Popkurs at "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" in Hamburg (College for music and theatre), where artists such as Revolverheld, Wir sind Helden, Boy, Frida Gold, Peter Fox and Seed also studied.

Jane has the perfect song for any occasion and can produce an individualised program to meet your specific needs. Whether in a cosy Jazz-Bar, company party, wedding, studio or big open-air stage, Jane can turn your special event into a truly magical experience.

Due to her affinity with languages and vast experience on the international stage, Jane feels at home in both German and English - a quality often hard to find in Germany.

Jane has been fortunate enough to work with renowned musicians such as Jane Comerford, Peter Weihe, Nils Tuxen, Frank Itt, Curt Cress and Nick Oosterhuis just to name a few.

Furthermore she has worked alongside Matthias Schweighöfer, Moritz Bleibtreu, Karl Dall, Bettina Zimmermann, and Hannes Jaenicke in the film industry and modelled for Sport Bild. Jane has also been trained professionally in dance since the tender age of three. This gives her an even more powerful stage presence, allowing her to fully engage and captivate her entire audience.

Powerful, angelic, soulful and so much feeling... whatever you’re searching for, this little blond "powervoice" needs to be heard.


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